Make Networks from Contacts

Snazzy Contacts is the most advanced solution for customer data management. Transform your customer data into a flexible data powerhouse with Snazzy Contacts.

The central platform for all customer data

Your data. Your customers. Your win.

Snazzy Contacts collects all customer data from various sources in a central customer data platform and distributes the data to the desired target systems.

customer data

Faster Im- & Export

Import Data from Outlook, Google Contacts and on.

User friendly

Maintain your contacts without thinking twice.


Connect all applications of your choice.

Revision history

Keep full control over the changes.

Search & Find

Combine all fields for reusable searches.


Mark entries and data fields with labels.

Your data pipeline for better contacts

Every customer, perfectly connected.

Snazzy Contacts is the revolutionary customer data pipeline as a service. The fully managed data pipeline solution helps you replicate all customer contacts in detail.

piesync alternative

Easy Set-Up

Get instant access to any data source or system.

No maintenance effort

Forget ETL scripts and cron jobs. Setting them up once is enough.

Fully automated

Automate the data flow without extensive configuration.

Pre-prepared integrations

All connectors can be used immediately and are maintained by us.

High Flexibility

Snazzy Contacts manages all your future changes automatically.

Data Governance

Company-wide data quality and availability

Want the best
contact platform
in its class?

Start now connecting your data!

The Single Customer View to all your customer data

We make your customer data beautiful.

Snazzy Contacts is the “always with you” customer database and turns customer data into real contacts. Contact Data Management done right. Fast, intelligent and across all borders.


Organise your business and private contacts.


Get a compact overview of an entire company.


Model relationships between people and organisations.


Make your contacts easily available for campaigns.


Keep a record of important information about the contacts.

Revision History

Seamless recording of changes helps you with quality control.


Address management in detail with Snazzy Contacts: Organize business and personal contacts. Collect all information like addresses, social media, private data and relationships in one central place.

Infinite Contact Data

Store any phone numbers, email addresses and social media contacts per contact.

Multiple postal addresses

Record and categorise different postal addresses per person.

Connect contacts

Connect people with organisations and other people and create contexts for contact details.


Assign people to the organisations and create the necessary overview for the daily work on the client side. You get a compact overview of an entire company, an association, a club or any other type of organisation. That’s how we define address management.

Any relationships

Describe the structure of a company through relationships and hierarchies.

Tags and categories

Arrange your data in categories and you will find the right contact person in no time.


Record important information in Markdown-formatted notes.


We all know everyone around six corners. Whether you’re dealing with businesses or families. In most cases, you’ll find a general address and a few subordinate contacts. With Snazzy Contacts, you can map relationships between people, organisations or both at once. Address management one step further.


Contact Data Management with Smart features for smart People

Smart Searches

Create any search, e.g. for marketing and sales campaigns.

Eliminating duplicates

Snazzy Contacts increases data quality through automatic duplicate detection.

Automatic relationship suggestions

Snazzy Contacts' relationship management automatically detects connections.

Start free - Ready to grow

Whether you’re in a startup, managing a small or medium business, or a large enterprise, Snazzy Contacts can help you grow your business and share your customer data in small groups or across your entire organization.

Snazzy Contacts FREEMIUM


Snazzy Contacts PREMIUM

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Monthly / User

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create as many users as you like in your own tenant for address management. Also in the free version!

In the free version, a maximum of 500 people and 500 organizations can be created. If you want to expand your address management, you have to switch to Snazzy Contacts PREMIUM.

You can pay for Snazzy Contacts with any major credit card or if you a EU-based company via SEPA.

A contact is simply any one record that SnazzyContacts stores for you. This could be a contact record of a person, or a company record.

Snazzy Contacts PREMIUM can be cancelled on a monthly basis. The cancellation can be made directly in the system.

If you cancel Snazzy Conntacts PREMIUM, you can use it further, but you will only see your last 1.000 contacts and one note per contact.

The catalogue of integrations is constantly growing. If you are missing a certain integration, please contact us.

You can close / delete your account inside the SnazzyContacts app. If you delete the last user, your complete account with all the stored data will be deleted.

Answer not found?

Get in contact with our support

Elevate your results, whatever your goal is

Snazzy Contacts use cases are solving the most
common integration challenges and range from public relations and human resource management, sales and marketing, from CRM and customer care up to legacy modernization with an high flexible solution for any niche.

Single customer view

Centralize your customer data and get a competetive advantage by turning your customer data into a single customer view.

SaaS Integration

Adopt best-of-breed SaaS applications and centralize your contact data and connect it with any application you think of.

Legacy Modernization

From obstacle to advantage: Get your customer data from your old system and move it to a modern app or new system.

Nurture Leads

Organise your business contacts, nurture targeted leads and personalize at scale and higher conversion rates are just around the corner.

Reach any PR goals

Getting coverage is easier than ever with Snazzy Contacts. Find the right person or media outlet and personalize your message.

Perfect candidates

Enhance your talent pool and fill vacant positions faster by connecting your database to the HR App you prefer and reach out to new employees.

Snazzy Contacts

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