Snazzy Contacts Webhook Integration

Build your own data pipeline

Snazzy Contacts is the revolutionary customer data pipeline as a service. The fully managed data pipeline solution helps you replicate all customer contacts in detail. 



Type of Integration: Inbound / Outbound

Connect Snazzy Contacts with thousands of WebApps

A WebHook is an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens. WebHooks can easily be implemented: A web application using WebHooks will send a POST message to a Webhook-URL. WebHooks have enormous potential and are limited only by your imagination

Send Webhooks to Snazzy Contacts or post entries from Snazzy Contacts via Webhook

With Snazzy Contacts you can create incoming Webhooks as well as outgoing Webhooks. This will let you send Snazzy Contacts data to any third party API or you can create new entries in Snazzy Contacts via Webhook, for example from a Webform.

The benefits of using Snazzy Contacts & Webhook

Transform your customer data into a flexible data powerhouse

Pre-prepared integrations

All connectors can be used immediately and are maintained by us.

Easy Set-Up

Get instant access to Webhook and share your data

Fully automated

Automate the data flow without extensive configuration.

Integration powered by Snazzy Contacts

Connect all applications of your choice with Snazzy Contacts you can build your own data pipeline and aggregate your customer data in one single view and you will get all information like addresses, social media, private data and relationships in one central place.

With just a few clicks you will experience a hassle-free, zero-maintenance data load.


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