Snazzy Contacts Wice CRM Integration

Build your own data pipeline

Snazzy Contacts is the revolutionary customer data pipeline as a service. The fully managed data pipeline solution helps you replicate all customer contacts in detail. 

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Wice CRM

Type of Integration: Inbound / Outbound

Get the Persons from Wice CRM

The Wice CRM Software is the fully featured CRM-Solutions from the makers of Snazzy Contacts. With Wice CRM you can manage your contacts, track your leads from the first contact to the final signing of your offerings and manage all your service and support processes.

Get all the contact persons from Wice CRM

Wice CRM handles persons and organizations, as you know it from Snazzy Contacts. This integration will fetch the persons. There are two other integrations for getting organizations or the full combination of organization and persons.

The benefits of using Snazzy Contacts & Wice CRM

Transform your customer data into a flexible data powerhouse

Pre-prepared integrations

All connectors can be used immediately and are maintained by us.

Easy Set-Up

Get instant access to Wice CRM and share your data

Fully automated

Automate the data flow without extensive configuration.

Integration powered by Snazzy Contacts

Connect all applications of your choice with Snazzy Contacts you can build your own data pipeline and aggregate your customer data in one single view and you will get all information like addresses, social media, private data and relationships in one central place.

With just a few clicks you will experience a hassle-free, zero-maintenance data load.


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