Address quality of German companies has improved slightly


One in seven addresses in the customer databases of German companies is incorrect. This is the result of the current Address Study 2021 by Deutsche Post Direkt. We have already written about the cost factor of poor address quality. Poor address quality costs thousands of euros a year. One bright spot in the study, however, is that data quality has improved again slightly over the past three years. The proportion of incorrect customer data fell from 16.4 to 14.7 percent, as the study shows.

Well-maintained customer data is indispensable for dialog marketing

Around half of the companies in Germany regularly use postal mailings despite all the digitalization. The aim of the study is to investigate why mail cannot be delivered to customers. The main reason, with a share of 8 percent, is that a person has moved without disclosing their new address or the person has died. 2.8 percent of addresses are not current with the companies and would actually be undeliverable. 

The Address Study 2021 shows once again that hardly any prospect and customer database is free of errors. The biggest challenge is keeping the data up to date. This is especially true for address data, as it is subject to permanent changes. With Snazzy Contacts’ sophisticated address management, it is very easy to keep address and customer data up to date and maintained. Either directly in the system or through the numerous integrations for address transfer.