Increase the address quality in just a few steps

address quality

If you search for “S Meier” in your address administration and get the result “Spedition Meier”, you either have an address software with an unsuitable search algorithm or a poor address quality in the address software.

The latter is much more serious, since even the best search algorithm can only find what the address base provides. So what can be done to improve the quality of the address database?

We have some tips on how to increase the quality of your addresses:

  • First of all, awareness of the importance of data quality should be raised. Often, employees are not aware of the resulting damage (superfluous mailings, costly returns).
  • Intelligent data capture that prevents poor data capture in the first place. This represents the greatest potential for optimization, because capture is the most common source of error.
  • A central address database that dissolves and merges the individual data islands. The creation of this data pool should be promoted by the software used. Therefore, it should allow easy imports and be able to easily connect to all possible address sources through connectors.
  • Simple categorization of addresses and individual address components. Many systems can assign a keyword to an address. But how is an employee supposed to know which telephone number is the best way to reach the contact person? Therefore, individual address components should also be categorizable.
  • Recording of the address history: This naturally increases the information content and thus also allows incorrect entries to be reversed.

After a while the company obtains an excellent address database, which is the basis for any successful relationship marketing. The address management software then organizes the rest for you.

Targeting customers: Invest in address quality

A central address database that dissolves the individual data silos and brings them together and which is accessible for all employees helps with the targeted approach to customers. The merging of different data sources, whether through the data pooling described above or through the import of additional data stocks, naturally creates numerous duplicates. The larger the data stock, the more complex and time-consuming the resolution can be. But this does not have to be the case. SnazzyContacts offers a very simple function for resolving duplicates. Once a day, SnazzyContacts scans the address database in the background and then makes suggestions for resolving any duplicates. Unnecessary mailing costs are thus saved and some irritation of the customer can be avoided.

By increasing the address quality, the customers can be addressed in a more targeted manner. They feel better advised and perceive the message better. An investment that pays off!