The different kind of contact forms for your business

Why you should use online forms Online forms help companies collect the information they need while connecting them to other software tools that are integrated into their workflows. Not only do they save on manual data entry and follow up emails, they also save on the costs of printing, mailing, storing, organising and destroying their … Read more

Addresses as a cost factor – improving address quality

The highest quality of addresses is the be-all and end-all in marketing, which is why many marketers want to improve their address quality. A well-maintained address database is a lot of work. But this work also pays off. At the latest when you carry out a postal mailing and the friendly postman returns incorrectly addressed … Read more

Increase the address quality in just a few steps

If you search for “S Meier” in your address administration and get the result “Spedition Meier”, you either have an address software with an unsuitable search algorithm or a poor address quality in the address software. The latter is much more serious, since even the best search algorithm can only find what the address base … Read more