Snazzy Contacts Integrations

Unlocking the power of customer data for businesses

Get even more from Snazzy Contacts with our ever growing catalogue of integrations that extend the power of contact management and leverage the tool you love by connecting marketing apps, crm software or other sources of addesses and contact data.

Pre-built Integrations to any kind of Data Sources

Snazzy Contacts supports ready-to-use integrations across Databases, SaaS Applications or Services. It is designed to fully integrate within your contact management environment. With our integrations, Snazzy Contacts will become your single customer data platform to collect, unify and connect your customer contact data. 

Free Your Business From the Spreadsheet Jail

Here you will find integrations to marketing apps like Salesforce, Mailchimp or CleverReach as well as eCommerce tools like Shopify or Stripe. With our integrations to Google Contacts or Microsoft 365 you can sync your contacts directly into Snazzy Contacts. You can even fill up the address book of your VoIP systems like Sipgate or Placetel. Feel free to ask for other integrations, we are sure, that we can help you!

Snazzy Contacts Integrations

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Your data pipeline for better contacts

Snazzy Contacts is the revolutionary customer data pipeline as a service.
The fully managed data pipeline solution helps you replicate all customer contacts in detail. 

Easy Set-Up

Get instant access to any data source or system.

No maintenance effort

Forget ETL scripts and cron jobs. Setting them up once is enough.

Fully automated

Automate the data flow without extensive configuration.

Pre-prepared integrations

All connectors can be used immediately and are maintained by us.

High Flexibility

Snazzy Contacts manages all your future changes automatically.

Data Governance

Company-wide data quality and availability

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