PieSync Alternative: SnazzyContacts vs. PieSync

piesync alternative

PieSync was an independent service for synchronizing contact data across application boundaries until it was acquired by Hubspot in 2019. Since then, it has been part of the Hubspot platform, and as of the end of April 2021, no new customers will be accepted for PieSync either.

What is the difference between PieSync and SnazzyContacts? How can you link applications with the PieSync alternative?

Snazzy Contacts is the most advanced solution for customer data management

Snazzy Contacts collects all customer data from a wide range of sources in a central Customer Data Platform and distributes the data to the desired target systems. We support our customers with ready-to-use integrations for databases, SaaS applications or services. The catalog of possible integrations for Snazzy Contacts continues to grow. To grow today, customers must be at the center of your entire operation. And this starts with customer data. If they’re not up to date, customer centricity becomes difficult. So a solution for synchronizing customer data is a necessary requirement.

What features does Snazzy Contacts offer for data transfer?

With the pre-built integrations, Snazzy Contacts becomes the central customer data platform and thus offers itself as a PieSync alternative. With this you can collect, unify and connect your customer contact data. The necessary connectors can be used immediately and are maintained by us. Maintenance-intensive ETL scripts and cron jobs are not necessary. Just set it up once and the data flow is automated without much configuration. So you can connect the applications of your choice to Snazzy Contacts and create your own data pipeline. The built-in duplicate check prevents duplicate data.

Integration is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage

Each year, a growing percentage of companies choose the proverbial kitchen knife set instead of a Swiss Army knife. More than 60% of marketers regularly use more than 20 different marketing tools. Nearly half of sales and marketing leaders say the tools would be more useful if they could be easily integrated. As the number of sales and marketing apps continues to grow, so will the importance of connecting your sales and marketing data.

It’s important that your tools work well together so that your teams are aligned and generate consistent revenue and sales. Integrations are becoming more important every day. Snazzy Contacts makes it easy to integrate marketing applications.