Share Google Contacts in your company

Google Contacts is a very popular contact management program. The service is available both as a standalone web application and integrated with Gmail and other Google services. Many users want to share Google Contacts within the company. With SnazzyContacts, sharing the contacts is not a problem.

Easily share Google Contacts with SnazzyContacts

SnazzyContacts is the easiest solution for sharing your address books within your company. SnazzyContacts offers one of the easiest ways to share your contacts from Google Contacts with other groups, applications or employees without limits! Snazzy Contacts collects all customer data from various sources and of course from Google Contacts. This makes it possible to manage addresses in detail, whether for organizing business contacts or private contacts, and creates a single customer view of all your customer data.

Share your contacts from Google Contacts with a few clicks, just like you share a Google document or a Google calendar! SnazzyContacts’ Google Contacts integration makes this possible.

How can I share my Google contacts with others?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Google Contacts

Easily transfer contacts from Google Contacts with the SnazzyConacts Integration for Google Contacts.

  1. Start the Google Contacts Inbound Integration

    Set the desired category of inbound contacts and then start the authentication with Google.

  2. View the incoming contacts

    After a short time the new contacts will appear in the people list. If you have chosen a category, you can also view only the contacts with this category.

  3. Invite other users to SnazzyContacts

    If you want to share your contacts with others, you have to invite other users. You can do this in the settings.

Can I also transfer contacts to Google Contacts?

Of course, with SnazzyContacts you can also transfer existing contacts to Google Contacts. Just start the Google Outbound integration of SnazzyContacts. With the inbound and outbound integrations you can build your own data pipeline for better contacts. All connectors are ready to use and are maintained by us.

Start now and integrate your Google contacts with SnazzyContacts.