Tie up your Cloud Applications

tie up your cloud applications

Dispersed cloud applications are the reality in todays businesses, but there is an inconvenient truth. Multiple applications can give rise to a very unsatisfactory user experience, with poor performance, unavailability of relevant data across applications and even compromised security. Even if the SaaS providers tell the difference, data doesn’t necessarily flow easily across multiple cloud applications. However, data is the lifeblood of successful enterprise. If it doesn’t flow easily, business agility will suffer and users will start operating with inaccurate or insecure data. IT departments have to ensure that the different cloud platforms can communicate and that data can pass easily and safely between them.

Data integration is important

As more and more data is spread across different solutions, it is crucial to have a good strategy for handling that data. Poor data integration can cause information to be lost, duplicated, or inconsistent. But most of the cloud application providers have a huge interest in attracting as much business as possible to its own platform, rather than cooperating with others. In turn the IT function has the unenviable task of stitching together disparate cloud environments, adding, shifting and discarding pieces of the patchwork as the organization evolves and users come and go. Data integration platforms connect different silos in a coherent manner so that data is shared across systems.

It’s the applications that support the business

Business effort is very often dependent upon the right supporting technology being in place at the right time. As the number of tools radically increases, the old fashioned models of data integration breaks down. Instead of connecting everything to everything else, you need to centralize your data – and its management. It’s important that your tools work well together so that your teams are aligned and generate consistent revenue and sales.

Unlock the Value of Your Customer Data with Snazzy Contacts

Snazzy Contacts collects all customer data from a wide range of sources in a central Customer Data Platform and distributes the data to the desired target systems. All the data from different sources will be easily accessible in one single customer view. This way, the company can have a better control over their data and will be able to manage it more effectively. We support our customers with ready-to-use integrations for databases, SaaS applications or services. Just ask us, how we can help you with your data strategy!