Tie up your Cloud Applications

tie up your cloud applications

Dispersed cloud applications are the reality in todays businesses, but there is an inconvenient truth. Multiple applications can give rise to a very unsatisfactory user experience, with poor performance, unavailability of relevant data across applications and even compromised security. Even if the SaaS providers tell the difference, data doesn’t necessarily flow easily across multiple cloud … Read more

Transfer your Contacts to Placetel

Placetel is one of the leading providers of telephone systems from the cloud and has been part of the global Cisco family since 2018. The Placetel telephone system from the cloud is the basis for your team and all your communication and impresses above all with its wide range of functions and at the same … Read more

How Data Entry Kills Productivity

manually data entry

In the modern age of marketing, companies care about more than just making deals today. They want to deliver an unique relationship and a special customer experience through personalization and retention initiatives that drive stronger customer relationships. But that means, the way customer relationships are build today is more decentralized and less formal. To manage this, … Read more