Transfer your Contacts to Placetel

Placetel is one of the leading providers of telephone systems from the cloud and has been part of the global Cisco family since 2018. The Placetel telephone system from the cloud is the basis for your team and all your communication and impresses above all with its wide range of functions and at the same time very high flexibility. Almost every additional feature and module can be added or neglected, depending on your personal requirements.

Easily share your contacts from SnazzyContacts with Placetel

An integration from Snazzy Contacts with Placetel helps employees in their daily work. You can easily transfer all your contacts to Placetel with the Snazzy Contacts Placetel Integration. After the transfer you can use the contacts in the Placetel Addressbook. This means you can finally see the caller’s name on an incoming call. This also means, that you can see the caller’s name in all Placetel supported desk phones, softphones, DECT handsets and more. If all your contacts are synchronised with your Placetel phone book, you can call them easily with a click of the mouse.

Time needed: 5 minutes.


Easily transfer contacts to Placetel with the SnazzyConacts Integration for Placetel.

  1. Start the Placetel Outbound Integration Chose the Placetel Integration from the list of the integrations
  2. View the outgoing contacts in Placetel After a short time the new contacts will appear in Placetel.
  3. Invite other users to SnazzyContacts If you want to share your contacts with others, you have to invite other users. You can do this in the settings.

Start now and integrate SnazzyContacts with Placetel.