How Data Entry Kills Productivity

manually data entry

In the modern age of marketing, companies care about more than just making deals today. They want to deliver an unique relationship and a special customer experience through personalization and retention initiatives that drive stronger customer relationships. But that means, the way customer relationships are build today is more decentralized and less formal. To manage this, a company has to design a process around the customer. Fundament to this process is customer data. Much of this data comes from web analytics and other digital sources. But since relationship teams are made up of many relationship makers, customer communications and customer data are more spread out across the business. Most of the time, we see manually captured data or data which is stored in some kind of silos.

Data integrations stops one of the most time consuming tasks

Probably, no one is a huge fan of having to type things out at work. But still, one of the top three ways that sales teams waste their time is manually typing data into various software applications. Here is the good news: Compared with the other time-wasters, data entry is relatively easy to eliminate – or at the very least, minimize. What you need is the right tool!

Are you able to help your team get rid of data-related tasks?

By eliminating data entry, teams can be freed to perform high-value tasks that they can’t do when they’re busy typing. With a data integration tool like Snazzy Contacts you can help your team with customer data collections and propagation. The classical copy and paste routine no longer has to be a part of your team’s workday. Even time spent searching for contact data can add up—especially when multiple people across teams are interacting with agencies, vendors, and other partners. With an ad hoc search or the saved searches configured by team mates, Snazzy Contacts will shorten the search times.

Stop typing – start sharing

Snazzy Contacts is more than a glorified digital contact list. It will help you and your team save time and makes it easier for you to focus on work that you enjoy. By eliminating data entry, your colleagues and team members can be freed to perform high-value tasks that they can’t do when they’re busy typing. Using data integration tools will even boost user-adaption rates of the sales and marketing software you use, because today’s business users want tools that make their lives easier and deliver a consumer-like experience. With the right data at their hands, you will end around the typical hurdles in ramping up new systems and drive daily performance by contributing all the data needed.

We at Snazzy Contacts think, that it is a great idea to automate as much data collection as possible!