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Why you should use online forms

Online forms help companies collect the information they need while connecting them to other software tools that are integrated into their workflows.

Not only do they save on manual data entry and follow up emails, they also save on the costs of printing, mailing, storing, organising and destroying their traditional paper alternatives.

When you’re dealing with paper forms, valuable information can easily get lost in the shuffle and buried under the other tasks that land on your desk. But hey, we’re in the digital age! Online forms are the best choice to collect actionable data and manage, store, organize and customize this information in a single place and easily share it with others. You can embed online forms on the website, share a link on social media channels or even create a PDF from it.

Online contact forms for marketing and sales teams

Even if you have a great idea and something to show for it that no one else has, those efforts may be in vain if word doesn’t get out about your offerings or your business actively fails to attract new customers.

Online forms can streamline your marketing team’s workflow by providing an easy way for customers, clients, partners and new leads to contact you. They’re easily customizable and can be deployed quickly to serve a range of tasks, from attracting more email subscribers and lead acquisition to collecting payments from customers.

Sample how online forms can help attract more users to your company’s goods, services or products:

  • Email opt-in form for website
  • Lead generation forms
  • Online payment forms
  • Custom quote forms

With online forms, you can create short but effective data collection tools that gather contact information from people who want to know more about your offer. However, there is one important caveat: people don’t like being spammed and are quick to complain about it. Furthermore, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes very clear legal requirements on how personal data must be collected. Many online form builders allow opt-in forms to be embedded on your website and share any data collected. This unobtrusive process provides a discreet way to collect the information you need and get explicit permission to send visitors future emails.

SnazzyContacts offers with the Webhook integration an easy way to include web forms and transfer the entered data into the system. With the other integrations, for example for email marketing tools such as Cleverreach and Mailchimp, this data can then be easily redistributed. With the integration of Stripe, even contact data of paying customers can be transferred.

Online forms for personnel recruitment in HR teams

Recruitment platforms are great for posting jobs, collecting applications, and filtering and organizing this information. However, in many cases you will need the help of another software solution to contact applicants, collect more information from them and schedule interviews.

Here are just a few ways online forms can help your HR team:

  • Online application forms
  • Online candidate review forms
  • Processing of employment contracts

Online forms can streamline the recruitment process by allowing you to reuse information already submitted by applicants, create customizable PDF documents, and save a template for future use. This reduces the amount of manual data entry and makes the job posting process easier for everyone. Of course, the GDPR requirements apply here as well.

SnazzyContacts can not only accept form data, but also integrate HR platforms such as Personio. This makes it easy to further process the data.

Conclusion: Contact forms help with data capture. But only the integration into other applications optimizes the processes

Paper forms should simply be a thing of the past. Teams in your organization are juggling important tasks and responsibilities every day, so paper forms can easily get lost in the shuffle. Manual data entry also takes time away from more important tasks and opens the door to human error. You’re pretty much not going to be able to comply with the GDPR with paper forms.

Online contact forms are versatile and powerful data collection tools that can benefit everyone in your organization, from marketing to HR. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, online forms streamline the data collection process, helping teams capture data in an organized way. Through an integration platform like Snazzycontacts, forms easily work with the software solutions you may already be using.